Are Things Getting Better for Our Children?

Note: This paradigm was developed ten years ago or so. I include it here to gauge progress. Have services improved or stagnated? Are maltreated children better off or still mostly being neglected?

Toward A New Paradigm for Child Protection

Reforming What System?

Before we can get down to the complex task of reforming the child protection system, deciding exactly what is to be reformed is a necessary step. First and perhaps foremost, there is no child protection system. To call what exists a system implies a significant degree of integration and interdependence among the various elements comprising child protection. There are components and focal areas that might appropriately be thought of as systems. These include individual local agencies or local branches of state departments, specific programs within state or regional units, or programs or service units that work together in a somewhat integrated way. What is usually referred to as the child protection system is more appropriately described as an aggregation in the sense of many separate but more or less related things being grouped together, mostly for convenient reference. Our first challenge is, then, to figure out how we are going to go about reforming an aggregation. …

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Therapeutic Foster Care

What do we mean by “Therapeutic Care?” Our understanding starts with this post and continues for twelve additional posts to cover the complexity of Therapeutic Foster Care. I am glad you have chosen to take this journey with me and hope that you finish with a better and more caring understanding of what is therapeutic about Therapeutic Foster Care. — Please press play and let’s get started.